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Looking for the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Tarrant County?

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you need a criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth who isn’t going to give up on you. The criminal defense lawyers at Sellers Law Firm have faced thousands of complex cases, including federal crimes, white-collar crimes, drug offenses, murder, DWI, and more. No matter the stakes, we are prepared to take your case to court and fight tooth and nail for your rights in front of a judge or jury. 

In order to clear your name and protect your freedom you’ll need the best lawyers in Fort Worth, because you’ll only get one shot. Place your future in the hands of the people who understand exactly what’s at stake: the criminal defense attorneys in Fort Worth at Sellers Law Firm. 

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges in Dallas/Fort Worth, call Sellers Law Firm today at (817) 928-4222 for a consultation. 

When do you need a defense attorney in Fort Worth/Dallas?

You should always hire a criminal defense attorney when you’re facing criminal charges in the State of Texas. The Lone Star State is tough on crime, and state courts are going to look to aggressively prosecute, whether you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. 

Do NOT take your chances. Fort Worth criminal defense attorneys act as a vital lifeline for people in the court system, operating in their best interests and fighting with everything they’ve got to protect the freedom of their clients. 

Although everyone accused of a crime should hire an experienced attorney to represent them, some signs that a criminal defense attorney in DFW is absolutely essential for your case include:

  • You are facing jail time
  • You are under investigation 
  • You are facing federal charges
  • You are innocent
  • You committed the crime

Whether or not you have actually committed the crime has virtually no bearing on whether or not you should hire an attorney. Whether you believe you are so innocent that you don’t need an attorney or you were caught so red-handed that you don’t think there’s a point, criminal defense lawyers exist to make sure that your constitutional rights are upheld and that due process is observed. 

Think of it this way:

  1. Innocent people get put in jail.
  2. Charges get dropped although someone committed a crime.

Innocent? Don’t let them lock you up. Guilty? Make them prove it. 

How can a criminal defense attorney in DFW help my case?

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney in DFW gives you a better shot at protecting your freedom. A few important reasons to hire a defense lawyer include:

  1. Knowledge of the Texas legal system. This includes both the ability to iron out confusing parts of the process, simplifying your life during a very difficult time, as well as standing relationships with members of the judicial system. 
  2. Knowledge of both Texas and Federal law. Even the most open-and-shut criminal cases are incredibly complex. Make sure that you hire a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney with knowledge of both state and federal laws surrounding your case — like those at Sellers Law Firm. 
  3. An attorney’s experience can tell you a lot about how they’re going to handle your case. Not just general experience as a lawyer, but experience taking cases similar to yours to trial and winning. If the attorneys you’re hiring haven’t won cases like yours, find some who have. 
  4. They can help you save money. It sounds funny, but how much does the best criminal lawyer cost? Less than a conviction, fines, and jail time will cost you. 
  5. They can help you get the best possible outcome for your case. At the end of the day, this is the most important thing about hiring an attorney. The bottom line is that you have a much better chance with one than you do without one.

Hiring a lawyer gives you a little bit of control back in a situation where you are otherwise at the mercy of the court. You can’t do a lot, but you can advocate for yourself by hiring the best lawyers in Fort Worth that you possibly can.

What kind of cases do the Sellers Law Firm criminal defense attorneys in Tarrant County take?

The team of criminal defense lawyers at Sellers Law Firm has a background of deep and varied experience taking high-stakes criminal cases to court. While we can handle most criminal cases, most of our cases are for charges of:

The criminal defense lawyers at Sellers Law Firm are not only accomplished and respected criminal trial lawyers, but also federal lawyers. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges in either a state or federal court, the lawyers at Sellers Law Firm will likely know how to fight them.

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No case is too complex for our legal team to handle and we are ready to investigate whatever is necessary to obtain evidence that can be used as leverage against the prosecution or law enforcement.

Our Results Portrait of Frank Sellers

“I am an attorney, so when I was accused of a crime, the stakes were high and only the best would do. I was lucky enough to know about Mr. Sellers and his stellar reputation in the criminal defense business. Frank aggressively represented me and ultimately, the charges against me were completely dismissed. Also, I’ve referred a friend accused of a VERY serious crime to Frank and he was able to work with the prosecutor’s office to avoid any charges being filed against my friend.”

– Satisfied Client

Protect your freedom with the Fort Worth criminal defense attorneys at Sellers Law Firm

When your freedom is on the line, you can’t afford to settle for second-best criminal lawyers. Whether you need a Fort Worth DWI lawyer or a federal criminal defense attorney for white-collar crime, a criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth from Sellers Law Firm can be the ally you need to protect you and your rights. 

We work tirelessly to protect the futures of our clients. Take a look at our Notable Victories or our Client Testimonials to see for yourself. 

Remember, you only get one shot at this, so you better make it count. Call Sellers Law Firm today at (817) 928-4222 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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