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    When it comes to clearing your name against federal and criminal charges, who you call first matters. Trust the trial-tested team at Sellers Law Firm to fight for your rights.

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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Fort Worth and Dallas


Sellers Law Firm is a law firm dedicated to helping people through the most difficult times in their lives. We represent individuals and organizations facing criminal investigation and prosecution at both state and federal levels. We are a client-centered, full-service trial and appellate firm. We tailor our representation to your needs.

When your liberty is on the line, choosing the right defense team is critical. Our Fort Worth criminal lawyers have successfully handled thousands of intricate cases, including:

  • Federal Crimes: From health care fraud to money laundering, we fight relentlessly to safeguard your rights.
  • White-Collar Offenses: Whether it’s embezzlement, wire fraud, or RICO violations, we’re prepared to go to trial to defend your freedom.
  • Drug Offenses: Our team stands ready to tackle any and all drug-related charges, ensuring a robust defense.
  • DWI and Manslaughter: We understand the gravity of these charges and will fight for your future.

Remember, you have one chance to protect yourself. Trust the seasoned attorneys at Sellers Law Firm, PC. Call us today at 817-928-4222 for a consultation.

Civil Litigation: Pursuing Justice, Recovering Millions for Our Clients

In addition to criminal defense, The lawyers at Sellers Law Firm have achieved remarkable results in civil cases. We’ve secured millions for clients injured by products, businesses, and other people’s illegal or negligent conduct. Our Firm handles the following kinds of civil cases:

  • DTPA Violations: Advocating for consumer rights under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.
  • Illegal Wiretapping Cases: Protecting privacy rights and seeking justice for victims.
  • Gross Negligence Claims: Pursuing compensation for harm caused by reckless behavior.
  • Car and Truck Accidents: Helping accident victims recover damages.
  • Products Liability and Software Design Defects: Holding manufacturers accountable.
  • Defamation and Civil Rights Violations: Representing clients seeking civil justice.
  • And more. 

This is why it is essential to hire a trial lawyer for your civil claim. You need a lawyer who has experience diligently preparing through the pretrial phase and navigating the courtroom battlefield. The trial lawyers at Sellers Law Firm have extensive experience fighting for their client’s rights in front of the judges and juries, and bringing them home real wins — not just settlements, reductions, or renegotiations.

Why We Win Big Cases Other Firms Can’t

At Sellers Law Firm, no case is too big or too small. Thanks to our in-depth jury research and focus groups, as well as our committed team of in-house and external investigators — including quality assurance lab auditors who help keep government labs from cutting corners — we thoroughly evaluate every aspect of your case.

We also work with an expansive network of world-renowned expert witnesses engaged in the following areas:

  • 3D animation recreation experts
  • Self-defense and use-of-force experts
  • Reputational harm experts
  • Oilfield injury and industry experts
  • Neuropsychologists and all types of medical experts

Take a look at some of our Notable Victories below:

  • Not Guilty

    Not Guilty of Murder

    A Denton County Jury found Client Not Guilty of murder, concluding it was self defense. SLF’s young client was under attack by a group of…

  • Dismissed

    Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity

    Client, and alleged motorcycle club president, charged with Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, Murder, and three counts of Aggravated Assault, following a bar brawl that…

  • Dismissed

    Texas v. D.R.  – Assault on an Elderly Person (Dec. 2022)

    Client was celebrating Christmas with her family. An argument ensued amongst family members, fueled by alcohol. The argument spilled out onto the front yard, and…

  • Dismissed

    Texas v. M.S.  – Assault Family Violence (Dec. 2022)

    Client was charged with Assault Family Violence following a misunderstanding with his partner. Police were called by a neighbor who saw the two arguing in…

  • Dismissed

    Texas v. C.M. – Assault Causing Bodily Injury (March 2024)

    Client was charged with assault causing bodily injury after an altercation at a middle school meet-the-teacher night ended with Client's wife's ex-husband getting punched in…

  • No Billed

    Texas v. L.I. – Sexual Assault of a Child (March 2024)

    Client (20) with no criminal history was arrested after girl (16) told her high school counselor they had sex in his car. Client's car and…

  • Litigation Win

    $7.5 Million

    Confidential Settlement in civil litigation case.

  • No Billed

    Sexual Assault

    After having consensual sex with his girlfriend, our client was charged with sexual assault of a child — only because their ages were 9 months…

  • Dismissed

    Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon + Family Violence – State v. K.S.

    Our client was charged with Aggravated Assault after allegedly threatening his wife with a knife. The police requested and were granted an emergency protective order…

  • Dismissed

    Texas v. JG — Gambling Charge (Oct. 2022)

    Client was playing poker at a popular local card house, and had no reason to believe that the card house was illegitimate; however, the establishment…

  • Dismissed

    Assault on an Elderly Person – Texas v. D.R. (Dec. 2022)

    In December of 2022, a Houston resident was celebrating Christmas with her family. An argument ensued amongst family members, fueled by alcohol. The argument spilled…

  • Dismissed

    Assault Family Violence – Texas v. M.S. (Dec. 2022)

    In December of 2022, a Burleson businessman was charged with Assault Family Violence following a misunderstanding with his partner. Police were called by a neighbor…

  • Dismissed

    Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance – Texas v. J.E. (Oct. 2022)

    In October of 2022, a Granbury business owner was unlawfully stopped by police while traveling to a speaking engagement. After an unlawful search of our…

  • Not Guilty

    Capital Murder, Murder, and Manslaughter – Texas v. P.C. (Sept. 2023)

    In November 2020, a Dallas business owner was attacked by a mob at a day club. The mob beat the man severely; brass knuckles even…

  • Dismissed

    Continuous Assault Family Violence

    Tagged for a previous assault against his wife two decades ago, his next wife saw to gain advantage in their divorce. After taking a case…

  • No Billed

    No Bill, Charges Dismissed

    Superintendent of private school in Midland, Texas charged with felony violating the Family Code requirement to report crimes. In a locker room horseplay incident, a…

  • Not Guilty

    Not Guilty of Prescription Fraud

    Abilene orthodontist charged with prescription fraud in Taylor County. Prosecutors put on evidence of multiple alleged attempts to obtain prescriptions wrongly. Tried case for three…

  • Not Guilty

    Not Guilty of Murder

    Client lived in a neighborhood surrounded by halfway houses and homeless shelters. While leaving his church with his wife and elderly mother, Client is accosted…

  • Secured 6-month sentence

    Federal bank and wire fraud investigation – USA v. S.R. (Jan 2022)

    Client facing 30 years in prison for bank fraud and wire fraud in massive car dealership fraud scheme. After defense investigation revealed he knew little,…

  • Not Guilty

    Gambling Charges Dismissed — Texas v. F.M. (December 2021)

    Client charged with various gambling offenses, including keeping a gambling place. Defense investigation revealed this was not true. Client had multiple defenses, including officers were…

  • Not Guilty

    NOT GUILTY OF MURDER — Texas v. D.W. (December 2021)

    CEO of oil company charged with murder of a police officer in Midland County. Officer and trainee opened client's front door twice in the middle…

  • Not Guilty

    Murder charge dismissed by Texas Attorney General

    Wife accused of murdering her husband. Case was ultimately prosecuted by the Texas Attorney General's Office. Defense investigation showed client was truthful when she said…

  • Not Guilty

    All felonies dismissed.

    Client given time-served on misdemeanor marijuana conviction; All cars and property returned to client (and almost all of the cash). Search warrant run on client’s…

  • Not Guilty

    Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon – NOT GUILTY

    State v. K.P. – Our client was charged with Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon after his girlfriend accused him of hitting her with his…

  • Not Guilty

    Jury Found Client Not Guilty on ALL Charges

    Jury Found Client Not Guilty on ALL Charges (Continuous Sexual Abuse, Aggravated Sexual Assault, and Indecency with a Child) Client, who had just started his…

  • Not Guilty

    Barratry Charges Dismissed!

    Attorney client charged with Barratry (illegally soliciting clients). Faced possible prison sentence and losing law license. Lengthy defense investigation, and tons of research and consultation…

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Criminal defense

Our team of experienced attorneys have a track record for developing trial-tested defense strategies to protect our clients’ rights against a number of criminal charges, including assault, possession, murder/manslaughter, and more.
Federal Defense

Federal defense

If you’re facing federal charges for a criminal offense like drug trafficking, fraud, or tax evasion and the steep penalties that come with them, you need a federal criminal defense attorney with real experience fighting charges at this level.
DWI Defense


The DWI defense attorneys at Sellers Law Firm have the experience and knowledge to help you avoid conviction on DWI charges and can even help you challenge the results of a DWI blood test.

Put your case in the right hands

To mount the best defense, you must start early. Do not speak with the police without enlisting the assistance of an attorney first. If you receive a phone call from a detective or a target letter to appear before a federal grand jury, you need to contact the attorneys at Sellers Law Firm immediately. Contact us today at 817-345-7893 to arrange your free initial case evaluation at our Fort Worth office.

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Our Award Winning Team

Our small team has big experience, with cases that have captured national media attention and have gone as far as the Supreme Court of the United States. These are the attorneys you’ll work with when you hire Sellers Law Firm to fight for you.

Frank Sellers
Trial Attorney
Dustin Hoffman
Trial Attorney
Courtney Stamper
Trial Attorney


  • I highly recommend Dustin Hoffman at Westfall Sellers as a top-tier attorney. I received a DWI for the first time, and of course, was scared…

  • Dustin Hoffman did a really good job for me and my family. Most importantly, Dustin conducted himself with the utmost respect and took his time…

  • “I am an attorney, so when I was accused of a crime, the stakes were high and only the best would do. I was lucky…

  • "Dynamic Duo. Two of the best lawyers I know. Any client would be lucky to hire them."

  • "If you are ever in need quality defense attorney Sellers Law Firm is your firm.  They are worth every penny.  Great people that genuinely care…

  • "It was under unfortunate circumstances that brought me to Frank but I could not have hired a better attorney to handle my case! While it…

  • “I am an attorney, so when I was accused of a crime, the stakes were high and only the best would do. I was lucky…

  • "Frank Sellers protected my rights from the day I hired him. I was wrongfully investigated for a crime I never commit, and Frank was very…

  • "The search for your Lawyer should start and end here. My dad and I visited the Sellers Law Firm office to meet with Frank Sellers…

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