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Product Liability Lawyers in Dallas/Fort Worth

If a defective or dangerous product caused you or a loved one harm, you need a product liability lawyer in Dallas Fort/Worth to help you pursue compensation for your injuries. Product liability cases are complex affairs that usually entail going to battle against a large team of company lawyers in a court of law. 

If you believe you’ve been harmed due to a defective product, contact the civil litigation attorneys at Sellers Law Firm today. We’ve been fighting tooth and nail for our clients’ rights in Dallas/Fort Worth courtrooms for decades. We’re not afraid of high stakes or large teams of corporate attorneys. 

You only get one shot at this. Make sure you hire an attorney who knows how to go to court and win. Call the civil and commercial litigation lawyers at Sellers Law Firm today at (817) 928-4222 or contact us online for a free consultation.

What is a product liability lawsuit?

You use tons of products every single day. It is up to the creators of those many products to ensure that they are putting out a product designed to be as safe as possible when used correctly. 

When a product injures its user despite the user using the product correctly, that product may be found to be dangerous or defective. If a dangerous or defective product leads to injury or harm for its user, they may have grounds for filing a product liability lawsuit or product liability claim, stating that the makers of the product, because of their own negligence, owe damages. 
How do you know if you have a case? The civil suit lawyers in Fort Worth, TX of Sellers Law Firm are here to explain.

Common types of product liability lawsuits

Although product liability cases can come from almost any product, the most common forms of product liability claims include: 

  • Dangerous drugs claims
  • Medical device claims
  • Vehicle defects and auto part defect claims
  • Equipment and machinery defect claims
  • Toys and children’s items claims
  • Household product claims

The complexity of defective product claims is largely due to the fact that different types of claims have different bodies regulating their products; dangerous drugs and medical devices are regulated by the FDA, while the NHTSA regulates the safety of vehicles, for example. 

Common defects in product liability claims

There are a number of ways in which a product might malfunction, but malfunctions are commonly categorized under three categories.

  • Design defects include defects that are not mistakes in manufacturing or use, but are inherent to the product because of a fault in its design. A defectively designed product that results in an unnecessary risk of harm is not uncommon in household products like power tools and other household appliances. 
  • Manufacturing defects occur when a mistake is made during the manufacturing or assembly process. Manufacturing defects often result in massive recalls and are often responsible for the contamination of consumable products, and sterilization errors in drugs and medical devices. 

Failure to warn, also known as marketing defects, is commonly referenced with products whose use is associated with a non-negligible amount of risk. Not all products are going to be 100% safe but should be when they are used correctly. Products with inherent danger come with instructions and warnings to ensure that the user can use them properly and safely. If a product doesn’t have warnings and instructions that allow the user to use them safely, this is called a warning defect.

How do you win a product liability lawsuit?

You hire an attorney that can actually win your case. Although big firm litigators might seem like the easy way to go when looking for a product liability lawyer, they rarely have the trial experience necessary to win a case in court. You’ll want to look for a defective product lawyer with extensive experience in civil litigation, more specifically, one with extensive trial experience. 

Our background as Fort Worth criminal attorneys means that we have made careers out of taking complex cases to trial. We’ve taken everything to court, from civil litigation cases to federal white-collar crime cases and everything in between. 
When you’re hiring someone to represent you in a product liability lawsuit, remember to verify that they have trial experience and a winning track record.

Call the product liability lawyers at Sellers Law Firm to support your claim

The Fort Worth product liability lawyers at Sellers Law Firm understand the ripple effects that an injury from a defective product can have on a person’s, or a family’s, entire life. Let us know how you or your family were harmed by a defective product; if you have a case to be built, we’re the ones who can build it.

Remember, no one has more experience litigating in front of a judge or jury than a federal trial lawyer. If you need someone to investigate exhaustively, argue passionately, and fight resolutely in your defense, then you need to call Sellers Law Firm about representing you in your product liability lawsuit. Call the defective product lawyers from Sellers Law Firm at (817) 928-4222 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. 

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