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Dallas/Fort Worth Wire Fraud Defense Lawyer

If you or a loved one is under investigation for fraud, you need a wire fraud lawyer in Fort Worth to start building your case now. Wire fraud charges carry particularly steep consequences and are often complex cases.

The wire fraud lawyers at Sellers Law Firm are here to share some of their expertise in complex fraud cases, and explain why you need a good attorney on your side in order to have a fighting chance. Remember, you only get one shot at this.

What is wire fraud?

Wire fraud is a type of fraud charge that involves the use of the internet or telecommunication in its many forms. Although the federal wire fraud statute was developed with the intention of prosecuting scammers and cold callers, its substantial vagueness has allowed its use as the basis for prosecution of private communications either perpetrating or discussing any fraudulent activity. 

Who has jurisdiction over wire fraud? 

Wire fraud, like many white-collar crimes, is a federal offense.

The Department of Justice recommends prosecution for mail fraud and wire fraud be undertaken when a scheme’s “nature is directed to defrauding a class of persons, or the general public, with a substantial pattern of conduct.”

If a substantial pattern of conduct must be established through wire communication, what types of communication constitute wire fraud? Here are some examples: 

  • Electronic communications such as phone calls, emails, or messages between co-perpetrators 
  • Communications for collecting financial information
  • Falsified bills or invoices
  • Misrepresentation in any form of the nature or quality of products or services
  • Spam communications and phishing emails

What is the average sentence for wire fraud?

Here is a tricky fact: you can still be charged with wire fraud if no one was defrauded. The Federal Government can prosecute under 18 U.S.C. § 1343, the wire fraud statute, if there is found to be intent to defraud.

The wire fraud penalty that defendants face if convicted is particularly steep. Those facing wire fraud charges are subject to the underlying charges for the fraud offense, which often intensify based on how much money was allegedly defrauded, as well as up to 20 years imprisonment and steep fines from the wire fraud statute alone. 

White-collar crime sentencing should not be taken lightly. Depending on the severity of the alleged crime, you could be facing charges from not only the state of Texas but also the Federal Courts. Wire fraud penalties are often severe federal charges that are incurred atop the underlying charges for fraud. Wire fraud charges can be pursued in cases of:

  • Bank Fraud (continue reading: bank fraud examples)
  • Healthcare, Medicare, and Medicaid Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Securities Fraud
  • Credit Card/Debit Card Abuse
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Tax Fraud
  • Money Laundering

Whether you need a health care fraud defense lawyer or a bank fraud attorney, the white-collar crime defense attorneys at Sellers Law Firm know how to win fraud cases.

How do you win a wire fraud case?

There are multiple defenses that can be used to combat a charge of wire fraud. Some of the more common defenses employed in wire fraud cases include:

  • Constructive Fraud. The defense may claim that what is alleged to be fraud was in reality reckless or unsound business practices that bore no intention to defraud.
  • Lack of intent. The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your intent was to commit fraud. If they cannot prove this then you cannot be convicted.
  • Lack of authority. If someone within a larger organization engaged in fraudulent activity without organizational approval it can serve to protect the organization as a whole.
  • Statute of limitations. The statute of limitations for wire fraud is five years. If it has been more than five years since the last alleged fraudulent communication then the federal government may not be able to prosecute.

The wire fraud lawyers from Sellers Law Firm have decades of experience defending clients with cases just like yours. They have the expertise necessary to beat fraud charges so that you and your family will have a chance.

Other types of white-collar crime

The lawyers at Sellers Law Firm have decades of experience defending clients from various types of white-collar crime allegations, including both cases in federal and state courts. The most common types of white-collar crime in the federal system include:

  • Anti-kickback allegations
  • Conspiracy
  • Embezzlement
  • RICO violations
  • Public and political corruption
  • Falsifying financial documents
  • Making a false statement to a federal agent

More commonly charged white-collar crimes in the state system include:

  • Theft
  • Money laundering
  • Forgery 
  • Tampering with a government record or document
  • Misapplication of fiduciary property
  • Securing the execution of a document by deception

The federal lawyers at Sellers Law Firm take on white-collar crime charges and excel in complex financial cases that involve both federal and state courts.

Need a wire fraud lawyer in Fort Worth? Call Sellers Law Firm today

If you’ve received a letter or a phone call about possible fraudulent activity, or an appearance before a grand jury, you need a wire fraud lawyer in Fort Worth right now to represent you. Fraud investigations move quickly, and often develop behind closed doors. Before you know it your chance is gone…and with wire fraud cases, you really only get one shot at freedom. 
Call the white-collar crime lawyers at Sellers Law Firm to give yourself and your family a chance at freedom. Call us today at (817) 928-4222 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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