Sellers Files Criminal Appeal for Child Sex Offense Case

Appellate attorneys for convicted Miles, TX man, Justin Riordan argued their case in front of the Texas Third Court of Appeals in San Angelo Thursday. Representing Justin Riordan, who was granted an appeal late last year, was Fort Worth criminal defense attorney Frank Sellers.

His client, Riordan, was convicted for having sexual intercourse in the early morning hours with a 13-year-old girl at a house party in Miles in 2014. The testimony of the girl, who by the time of the trial was 15 and still considered a child witness, would become the principal evidence in the trial.

The child witness’ testimony was inconsistent. Days after Riordan was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison, a teenaged girlfriend of the witness came forward after reading of Riordan’s conviction on San Angelo LIVE! She signed an affidavit stating that the child witness told her she had lied about Riordan raping her. She is referred by her initials, “T.S.,” for the remainder of this article.